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Improving lives with well managed change

Improving lives?

It isn't true that people don't like change. If people don't like change we wouldn't have cell phones, cars, TVs,...
What people don't like is change they don't feel they need (such as new rules and regulations, new ways to use familiar products. things that disrupt life and require attention that is better directed elsewhere.

The challenge then with change is to ensure the change is needed (in other words, is worth the effort). Then, if it is worth it, to execute the change effectively.

That, in a nutshell, is Need Powered Change. And that is where we help you!

Here are some examples:

  • Acquiring new products and services (such as computer system, banking, financial services, childcare, car, cable provider, …)
  • Changing or starting a career
  • Launching new product or service offerings (large and small businesses)
  • Personal growth and development
  • And many more…

How do you learn to deal with change?

Things never stop changing. Everyone needs to handle actual and prospective change effectively to survive and prosper.

Change can be unnecessarily expensive, challenging and easy to put off until tomorrow. But when change is confronted, associated with deeply understood needs, and proceeds with agility, then change is empowered. And cost effective. 

Technical footnote

Unbeknown to most, business analysis is the discipline that deals with change. Business analysis is both an established and emerging profession, relevant to business and personal settings. It’s time has come. No longer confined to being performed by dedicated professionals, almost every person on any given day is using business analysis techniques, albeit informally and probably inadequately.

Need Powered Change makes business analysis tasks accessible to everyone, everywhere. We help you make change simple (or at least manageable!)


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