It isn't true that people don't like change. If people don't like change we wouldn't have cell phones, cars, TVs,...

What people don't like is change they don't feel they need (such as new rules and regulations, new ways to use familiar products. things that disrupt life and require attention that is better directed elsewhere.

The challenge then with change is to ensure the change is needed (in other words, is worth the effort). Then, if it is worth it, to execute the change effectively.

  • Are you in the Puget Sound Area of Washington State (Seattle / Tacoma / Olympia)?
  • Do you need an excellent speaker for your next event?
  • Do you want to ensure that your audience is informed and entertained at the same time?
Here is a unique opportunity!

I cover all sorts of topics, including team building, decision making skills, personal crisis management skills, and many others, all applicable to a general audience, as well as a business setting.

I'm a lifelong business analyst (well since I started work, anyway). I love working on complex business problems, bringing simplicity to things that are perceived to be complex.

Outside of work, teaching is my passion, and I lecture on the business analysis certificate program at the University of Washington.

And when I have some spare time, I love hiking and sightseeing with my wife, Pam, and two  dogs, Bogart and Daisy.